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Greetings 3 Sided Wholers! Welcome to the Future

Our whole community sends best wishes and blessings to Jonathan and Tania Celebrating 20 years since they met at Tribal Tranceformation  held at 3SidedWhole

Let's Join together on Saturday, September 17th Afternoon and Celebrate Community and the Land

As you probably know, 3SidedWhole was shut down during Covid and then the meth heads burned down our barn and made a huge mess.   But we miss the land, and the community, and want to invite our friends and family to come out Saturday, September 17th in the Afternoon to celebrate the land, our health, and the Future!

Its BurningMan conditions, bring Everything you Need to stay hydrated, fed, protected, nourished, and share your bounty with friends and family.  Bring musical instruments to have a jam, and if you are in a band and want to play, let us know. we have a 1000-watt small sony generator for powering a small sound system and lights.

Please bring Firewood

This is also a community clean-up party, so please bring big trash bags, empty trucks if you have one, and lots of energy!! Family-friendly but children must be supervised!!!
If anyone wants to volunteer to help in a specific way, eg. security, cooking, etc, let us know!  maps available by request at 

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying the land once again!  
DrBlue, Issac, Barbara, and the community. 

If you need a Please ask for it before the 17th If we are at the whole we can't email it to you from there.
The old roads, from 3 years ago, were blocked off by the pueblo so be sure to get a new map if you haven't traveled the new route along King's road. Old routes open but roads are untested!