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Blue's Good News 

The 3SidedWhole, under the direction of DrBlue and Issac Barbosa with input from a board of elders including Ron Lawrence, Dr. Jonathan Wolfe and many visionary artists and healers, is a private site maintained as a land trust for ecological preservation of the high desert and select community creative events. This sacred land, long ago used by local peoples as hunting grounds and ceremonies, has been blessed by Shaman from six nations and has a grid of crystals, guardian sculptures, sacred art and other ceremonial protections on the site. 

The site is maintained by caretakers who live there full time and always appreciate your support of water, food, propane, firewood and other survival supplies.

Please do not visit the site without permission.

The site is about 45 minutes NW of Albuquerque, on dirt roads which may become difficult to travel on. 4 wheel drive isn't necessary, but may be required after rains. Do not attempt to find the site without a map. A map is available by request by calling the hot line at 505 268 5504 and leave a message with your email address.

Please read our survival guide to learn our operating principles and conditions.

No guns, fireworks, loose dogs, excessive alcohol or drug use on site please. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the site for not following our guidelines. 

Please respect the wildlife, vegetation, and pristine beauty of this remote site when you visit and be prepared to pack it in and pack it out. 

We look forward to community participation in creating the activities, facilities and energy of the site.

3SidedWhole's Annual Holiday Gathering and Benefit 
Sat Dec 10, at Blues Notes (drblue's home). 

6pm Pot luck - Please bring food to share
Live Music starting at 7 (some of your favorite 3Sided performers) 
silent auction - if you have items to add to the auction let us know
surprise guests. And a chance to brainstorm events for 2017 and let us know what YOU would like to see happen out on the land!!! 

Because Barbara will be recovering from surgery we can use volunteers to help with the party.
Please contact drblue (drblue@mac.com) or

barbara (350 3323) ara.abq@gmail.com for directions or info. 

Children welcome (please supervise). 

Help create a wonderful evening with us!!!

Bring a drum if you wish....

Drum Circles
Full/New Moon Ceremonies

Thanks to everyone who donated resources, cash for taxes, food and spirit to the Songwriters of the High Desert and Equonox event at 3SidedWhole.

if you didn't have a chance to donate you still can at www.3SidedWhole.com through the paypal button at the top of the page that says, surprise, DONATE. we have to come up with about 500$ in tax fees a year to keep the site open and available for festivals. we have never made any money from producing these events on the land, they are a gift to the community! thanks for your support and generosity! the beat goes on...

Chip in to help us maintain 3SidedWhole

​December 10th
Holiday Gathering & Benefit​