Mission Statement

​​Ancient Earth: New Earth:: Sacred Earth

“the ancient spirits welcome you to this sacred land”—Dr Ed Waybright, psychic consultant
​​​June 2nd 3rd & 4th ​ - 2017

Music - Art - Community

Suggested Donation: $10 Students 

$15 Patrons

$25 Benefactors 

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The 3SidedWhole, under the direction of DrBlue and Issac Barbosa with input from a board of elders including Ron Lawrence, Dr. Jonathan Wolfe and many visionary artists and healers, is a private site maintained as a land trust for ecological preservation of the high desert and select community creative events. This sacred land, long ago used by local peoples as hunting grounds and ceremonies, has been blessed by Shaman from six nations and has a grid of crystals, guardian sculptures, sacred art and other ceremonial protections on the site. 

The site is maintained by caretakers who live there full time and always appreciate your support of water, food, propane, firewood and other survival supplies.

Please do not visit the site without permission.

The site is about 45 minutes NW of Albuquerque, on dirt roads which may become difficult to travel on. 4 wheel drive isn't necessary, but may be required after rains. Do not attempt to find the site without a map. A map is available by request by calling the hot line at 505 268 5504 and leave a message with your email address.

Please read our survival guide to learn our operating principles and conditions.

No guns, fireworks, loose dogs, excessive alcohol or drug use on site please. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the site for not following our guidelines. 

Please respect the wildlife, vegetation, and pristine beauty of this remote site when you visit and be prepared to pack it in and pack it out. 

We look forward to community participation in creating the activities, facilities and energy of the site.

We need volunteers to help with the gate, kitchen, site prep and cleanup, etc.Click Here  to Help co-create the magic that is 3SidedWhole…….

Please be sure to read 

The Survival Guide

for information on high desert conditions and self care at the site.This is important that you are prepared for the conditions.

All participants are required to read this information.

Bring a drum if you wish for the drum circle around the fire.

weaving the new earth by abzu2

Chip in to help us maintain 3SidedWhole

JOIN US to celebrate the wisdom of the ancients and the land, visions of new human possibilities, and the respect of the sacred nature of the land!

With input from the NEW EARTH collective, Ray Powell and friends we will focus on recognizing the ancient wisdom in this untouched wild land of 3Sidedwhole, the new possibilities of connecting with each other and the sacred web of life that embraces us all together on this earth.

The festival will be opened in shamanic ceremonies and blessings creating sacred shamanic space through ritual, prayer and chant, and continue with music, poetry, visionary sharing and coming together in Kosmic Temple on Sunday morning to share our experiences of the weekend.  Lionfire del Norte and Mary Leonard: Celtic Shamanic invocations, Don Wright, maker of the Peruvian Whistling Vessels, a classic shamanic tool from Mayan and Aztec cultures which are psychoacoustic instruments. Peruvian Shaman Mino and Herbalist Shaman Bernadette Torres are going to participate in 3SidedWhole in June.  very excited. they are the real deal!!
super talented, authentic and kind. drblue who practices Technoshamanism will also facilitate the event.

Opening Ceremony:

Don Wright Peruvian Shaman

Peruvian Shaman Mino and Herbalist Shaman Bernadette Torres

drblue - TechnoShaman


New Earth - New You - Ray Powell 

Adam Burch -  Jackson Browne like Ballads
I and I  Reggae Original
Burning Shivers -  Punk Surf Psychedelic
Bryan Powell—acoustic blues
Daddy Longloin -  Frank Zappa like musical genius

Poets will preform between music sets


Drum Circle
Oberon - Facilitator


New Earth visionaries will offer workshops in SKYPLEX sat afternoon.

Don McIVer will offer writing workshop sat afternoon in SKYPLEX

Opening ceremonies II, with all the shamans

Drumming Down the Sun Upper Stage cliff

Rhythm Punch - New Wave Band
De Tera Meiga - Folk Rock from Northern Spain
Deer in the Headlights  Blues Band
3SidedWhole All Stars - Kevin Kinane and Friends
Poets will preform between music sets

Drum Circle
Oberon - Facilitator



KOSMIC TEMPLE led by  Seth Hoffman 

New Earth will help Invigorate Kosmic Temple

POETS:  Will preform between Music 

Don Mc’Iver

Manuel Gonzales

Zachery Kluckman 
on Skyplex and Main Stages.

Additional poets may perform  around the campfire and community kitchen areas.