3SidedWhole Coming Up, Womens Retreat May 11-13, Tribal Tranceformation w/Lunar Fire May 18-20 see events tab

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www.tribalvisionfestival.com and the Lovely Albuquerque Community Vibe

Come and be apart for the Sacred Journey!!!

3SidedWhole is a an intentional community based on co-creating a loving healing supportive relationship with the land & each other. The INTENTION of our festivals is to support the 3SidedWhole Organic Farm and Community. Our goal is foster Creativity and Sustainability as a Way of Life. We function in sacred space.

people1(please call 505-268-5504 to request driving map)

The land that makes up the 3sidedwhole site is 9 acres of high dessert much of which which is left relatively unchanged by humans. You can see over a hundred miles into the dessert landscape from the high western ridge, a sunset visage that looks into a sea of light and shadow. Wildlife is coming back with hawks, owls, coyotes, fox and even a wayward bear on occasion. Over 35 medicinal plants have been identified on the land. Crystals, fossils, petrified wood, agates fire rocks and other spectacular geological finds occur in this former volcanic lake basin.


We are also a shamanic teaching center in the healing arts. We have hosted shamanic retreats with wise people from Guatemala, Mexico,Brazil, and some New Mexico teachers as well. Aztec Dancers, Curanderas, and musician from all over are drawn to this amazing place. Mayan Shamans, Musical shamans, and ecological experts, come to share their knowledge and living skills. 3sidedwhole has been the meeting place for celebrations and creative work for over a decade. We host several different kinds of gatherings, including men’s and women’s retreats, personal vision quests, and ceremonial gatherings such as weddings, marking the changes of the seasons and more.


We are continuing this tradition and adding the dimension of a sustainable lavender farm. Recently the land has been fenced to protect the natural grasses and ecology of the area. Rain water is our main source of water here. We are striving toward greater and greater degrees of sustainability and earth friendly lifestyle. Finding 3sidedwhole is part of the initiation of discovering its magic. It is on unmarked dirt roads 45 minutes northwest of albuquerque beyond the power and light fields of the city, allowing the starlight and Milky Way to illuminate all night celebrations.

3sidedwhole is more than anything a community of creative people, people like you who are looking for enjoyment in a beautiful setting surrounded by happy, fun loving folks all working and playing in harmony. Together we can make it happen!



  • We are a private place, not open to the general public. In order to keep our legal rights and to protect our members we require that you fill out the membership form and bring your membership card whenever you come to the 3sidedwhole. Please call us if you have any questions. All guests must have permission to be on the land at all times – including events!
  • Children under 18 must be in the company of a parent or legal guardian. Absolutely NO alcohol or drug use is permitted on the site.
  • Due to some road issues the new directions are available upon request for people with small or extra large vehicles call 505-435-3779 or 505-261-6869