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We have been closed due to COVID-19 but hope to see you all sometime soon.

Please Donate to drblue's GoFundMe to replace his leaking roof and repair his crumbling ceiling.



Our whole community sends best wishes and blessings to Jonathan and Tania Celebrating 20 years since they met at Tribal Tranceformation  held at 3SidedWhole

Many of you know and love drblue and have even lived in his home.
Well, his home is in dire need of repair!
After years of trying patches and bailing water, the leaking roof is at the point of no return.
The constant leaking is causing a mold problem and the leak is now spreading to other parts of the house.
This is a health hazard and quite frankly I fear that the structure may be becoming unstable.
Please donate so that drblue can have a new roof to protect him from the weather and also to repair the ceiling which is falling down around him.

If you have any questions please call or message me, Barbara at 505-350-3323 you can email me at
Thank you for any help you can offer.
Take care, Barbara
P.S. We plan to resume House Concerts and Drum Circles as soon as it is safe.