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Printable PDF of 3SW Survival Guide.

The weather for this event will be in the 90's during the day and 50's to 60's at night. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

3SidedWholeSurvival Guide


Participants at 3SidedWhole events must bring all necessities to survive in the desert: food, shelter, water, fuel. As you read these guidelines for responsible behavior, please keep in mind that you are responsible for yourself at all times in every regard as you approach and once you enter the event. Above and beyond the provision for individual survival, everyone is requested to help ensure our collective survival by following very simple rules relating to public safety and community well-being. Everyone is expected to abide by these standards. Community membership is a privilege. Any violation of these requirements could result in ejection from the community. 

We recommend you hydrate at the rate of one 8 oz glass of water per hour, whether or not you are thirsty!!!   

DO NOT drive vehicles in camp. Be prepared to come to the event and anchor your vehicle. You may camp next to your vehicles, or you may choose to park your car and walk in to a camping site in our village. Please CARPOOL! For safety and community reasons, we strongly discourage leaving during the event.

We are not set up for commercial vending. 

Leave no Trace. All participants are required to remove their own trash and garbage. Some receptacles or bins will be provided. Please take everything you brought to the event back home with you. 3sidedwhole provides outhouses for your use, as well as a wide variety of flora which appreciate watering. Do not throw trash in the toilets. Contribute to our long-term survival: Pack it In, Pack it Out. You are responsible for the condition of your campsite. Clean up as you go! Please plan to spend an hour or three at the end of the event to help us restore the land.

Observe fire rules. High winds create a serious fire hazard within the confines of our village. Fires are restricted to the open communal areas, where burn barrels and developed fire circles are provided. Do NOT build fires at your campsites. Aerial flares, rockets and explosives are prohibited. The possession of firearms or ammunition at a 3sidedwhole event is prohibited. 

This is a Pet FREE Venue – Please leave your pets at home. Service dogs must be registered with the front gate. 

You must have a ticket to enter the event and can be bought by contacting us – cash only. Your ticket is a revocable license. Violation of these rules, or violent or anti-social behavior, can result in revocation of your ticket and ejection from the event without refund. No one under 18 will be admitted without a responsible adult. Kids under 12 are free. 

Our admission Gate usually open at 12:00 noon on Friday, for most events. Tickets sold at the gate will be priced higher than advance sale tickets. Tickets will be sold for CASH ONLY, no checks or credit cards will be accepted. No tickets will be sold at the Gate after 11:59 PM on Saturday 

3SidedWhole supports county, state and federal laws. This means you should comport yourself, with regard to these laws, as you would in any municipality. 3sidedwhole does not promote or condone the use of drugs or public sex acts. The use of drugs in a physically challenging and hazardous environment can create a serious health hazard. We also support your right to privacy as a resident of our community.

WATER: One Gallon per person - per day for drinking - bring more for cooking and washing. 

FOOD: Bring food that is easy to store and prepare. There will be no vendors.  

Bring extra food for communal cooking and sharing
Suggestions : Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Baked-Goods, Eggs, Fruit Juices, Meats 

We always need more PROTEIN, such as baked chickens, etc.  

Plan some meals with other participants!



PERSONAL GEAR: Day temperatures often show a 30 degree differential between noon and night! NM weather also may change very abruptly. Bring layers.  Bring a hat for day and a hat for night. Sunscreen and personal first aid kit is useful.

GEAR-NOT-TO-FORGET: Sleeping bags. Sunscreen, WATER, hat, umbrella, sunglasses, squirt bottle, flashlight, blanket, garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels 

Your cell phone will probably NOT WORK at the site, so you can’t phone home for more supplies! 

COMMUNITY GEAR:  Prepare to enjoy creation of village and theme camps.   Extra tarps, decorations for living structures, tapestries, rope, paint, art supplies, tape, instruments, drums, games, etc. Anything to make your experience more fun. Bring something you love.

Bring Gifts, Be Generous, Be Frivolous

DON'T bring anything that will be hard to cleanup - EVERYTHING you bring in must be taken home with you! 




·         TRASH

BEAWARE!  3SIDEDWHOLE is wild high desert wilderness country.  There may be rattlesnakes, scorpions, and hot sun.  Once a bear walked up the road and peered into a community meeting in the Skyplex!  Keep your shoes and boots inside your tent or car. Beware of cactus if you go off the roads and paths.  There are steep drop-offs, observe fencing completely around the property, etc. take good care of yourself and others!!!

Printable PDF of 3SW Survival Guide.