Gordon Rogowitz - Artist


The Vision of Chance

Welded Steel installation 2016

Fledgling Angel

Welded Steel installation 2018


Welded Steel installation 2005

The Guardian

Welded Steel installation 2004

Artist Gordon Rogowitz AKA SeaBass

Art Walk - Friends & Guardians 

OM - The Energy Coordinator

Welded Steel installation 2005

The Message in the Bench

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The Meditator

Welded Steel installation 2004

The Bringer of Luck

Welded Steel installation 2014

I call the installation of metal giants exhibited at 3sidedWhole's Art Walk: "Friends & Guardians."  To me, the figures are archaic, reminding us of where we came from: grounded in the earth yet reaching toward the sky, forming a bridge between the two.  In some sense the figures are a manifestation of our universal mind -- expressions of our shared consciousness, our hopes and dreams. Some of the figures have imprints on them. For example, one of the Guardians has the words "Imagine, Believe, Action, Smile," implying that if we imagine and believe it and take the kinds of actions that feel right the outcome will be smiles. This is a pathway I truly believe in. Wishing you all smiles, Gordon Rogowitz (aka SeaBass).  For more info about me and my art, books and blog, see my website: rogowitz.com

The Hopeful Monster

Welded Steel installation 2012

The Egyptian Man

Welded Steel installation 2005