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Tribal Vision Festival 2019 is proud to present Norman “Dr. Blue” Katz, PhD, Co-Founder of the Erickson Institute for Clinical Hypnosis. His recent experience includes training hundreds of physicians and healers in Medical Hypnosis and Meditation Bases skills in the U.S, China, Bali and Guatemala.   He practiced as a Clinical Psychologist for more than 30 years, but now does "Shamanic Meditation based Hypnosis" He holds a PhD from Washington University, St. Louis. in Clinical & Experimental Psychology from Washington University and he interned at the Harvard University Children’s Hospital Clinic. He was an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department and an Associate Clinical Professor in Family Practice & Psychiatry in Medical School.   DrBlue is the co-director of the infamous 3SidedWhole festival in the desert outside Santa Fe/Albuquerque, presenting Coyotes Den: the Trickster Ball: a Fall Equinox celebration the very weekend after Tribal Vision and urges you all to come on down to continue the tribal celebration. see or Official 3SidedWhole on Facebook!

Tribal Vision Festival 2019 & Coyote's Den