For Fall Guardians of the High Desert, we are Root

September 7,8,9 & 10th 2017

at the 3SidedWhole site​​  Volunteers Needed

we need help with the sound gear, managing the preparation of the site some reconstruction,  and cleanup crews and more
click here for full list
supplies always needed:

fire wood for bonfire and fire pits
led lighting
first aid supplies
fire extinguishers
clean up supplies for kitchen
trash bags, etc etc.

Help continue 3SIDEDWHOLE to be the magic of Rio Puerco ranches dedicated to preservation of the land, the community and healing of’the participants through music, joy, drumming, and art.
15 years of magic experiences will continue with your help, support and involvement!!
Thanks, drblue
let us know how you want to help. e mail or barbara lemaire at

JOIN US to celebrate the wisdom of the ancients and the land, visions of new human possibilities, and the respect of the sacred nature of the land!

With input from the NEW EARTH collective, Ray Powell and friends we will focus on recognizing the ancient wisdom in this untouched wild land of 3Sidedwhole, the new possibilities of connecting with each other and the sacred web of life that embraces us all together on this earth.

The festival will be opened in shamanic ceremonies and blessings creating sacred shamanic space through ritual, prayer and chant, and continue with music, poetry, visionary sharing and coming together in Kosmic Temple on Sunday morning to share our experiences of the weekend.  Lionfire del Norte and Mary Leonard: Celtic Shamanic invocations, Don Wright, maker of the Puruvian Whistling Vessels, a classic shamanic tool from Mayan and Aztec cultures which are psychoacoustic instruments.  Peruvian Shaman Mino and Herbalist Shaman Bernadette Torres Shamans Patricio Dominguez, Michael Guzzio are going to participate in 3SidedWhole in June.  Very excited. They are the real deal!!
super talented, authentic and kind. Drblue who practices Technoshamanism will also facilitate the event.

Opening Ceremony: 
Lionfire and Mary - Celtic Shamans

Peruvian Shaman Mino and Herbalist Shaman Bernadette Torres 
Don Wright - Peruvian Shaman

Patricio Dominguez

Michael Guzzio
drblue - Techno Shaman

New Earth - New You 

I and I -  Reggae Original
Burning Shivers -  Punk Surf Psychedelic
Daddy Longloin -  Frank Zappa like musical genius

2nonbobs - New Mexico's only original James Bond tribute band

Will be performing  between Music sets
​Manuel Gonzales
Zachery Kluckman winner of The BlackBerry Peach Poetry Award
Ciewantu Waste-IkceWinyan
on Skyplex and Main Stages.
Additional poets may perform around the campfire and community

kitchen areas.

Drum Circle
Oberon - Facilitator


New Earth visionaries will offer workshops on community building.

with Mark Russell and Shawn Russell


Opening ceremonies II, with all the shamans

Drumming Down the Sun Upper Stage cliff


Rhythm Punch - an indie rock band, with tones of metal and blues
De Tera Meiga - Folk Rock from Northern Spain
Deer in the Headlights  Blues Band

Merican Slang - Funk
3SidedWhole All Stars - Kevin Kinane and Friends
Poets will preform between music sets

Drum Circle
Oberon - Facilitator


9am Yoga with Crista Chavez
KOSMIC TEMPLE led by  Seth Hoffman
New Earth will help Invigorate Kosmic Temple 
POETS:  Will preform between Music 
Manuel Gonzales
Zachery Kluckman 
on Skyplex and Main Stages. 

​Additional poets may perform  around the campfire and

community kitchen areas.



SHAMANIC TRAINING PROGRAM, Thur Sept 7th through Sun Sept 10th a new feature with drblue, don wright, lionfire del norte, mary leonard, xoyote, melia lord, and more shamans

Music with Danielle Howle, I Conscious, Da Terra Miegra, Burning Shivers, Issac Barbosa Seth Hoffman and more…

Community Building project: after Unify Festival, coordinated by the New Earth Collective Ray Power, Amber and colleagues

Yoga with Sam and Crista

Sacred Fire ceremonies and storytelling with fire shamans Rose & Michael

accepting offers for other musicians to play and shamanic ceremonies at this time also contact or other volunteer offers art work, links, etc contact

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Guardians of the High Desert, we are Root

September 7th through 10th 2017

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