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Mission Statement

The mission statement for 3SidedWhole 

3SidedWhole is a private ranch held in trust by DrBlue and Issac Ananda Barbosa
for the preservation of the land, community healing, celebration and education,
and exploration.  We are supported entirely by volunteers in all fields, music, art, healing,
science, and more.  Significant portions of this 9-acre ranch have never been built on and never
will be. The ranch is surrounded by over 350 square miles of state land trust, sacred pueblo lands, and
other wild desert terrains, that is uninhabited by humans. 

This land is wild New Mexico desert and filled with ancient energies who welcome our participation in preserving the land.

Festivals have been hosted for over 15 years on this land. There is much amazing art, sculptures, paintings, and more

on the site, and we welcome new contributions through participants creative inspiration.  We are family-friendly and

welcome many participants who have literally grown up attending our events.
We do two or more celebrations a year on the land, sometime around the spring solstice and fall equinox 
and other events by private arrangement.  All donations are used to maintain the land, keep taxes current,

and foster the site as a creative retreat center.

Our goals include:
--to provide music and workshops that awaken the joyful spirit of the creative community and connect creators with each other.
--to celebrate our connection with nature, and the way the landscape and sky affect us and preserve the natural beauty of this site
--to create art and ecological structures that provide spaces for laughter, reflection and connection
--to exchange ideas, scientific and cultural developments
--to honor our elders, families, diverse cultures and new participants and each person's path and personal awaking with compassion
--to awaken curiosity, delight, and amazement at the natural wonders of the desert 
--to be surprised each visit with new perspectives, enjoyment, and vitality
Consider being part of the core community that plans, creates. sustains and makes 3SidedWhole a living legend.   

The Program

Sunday morning will be Kosmic Temple, a gathering of all the participants, to integrate what
we have experienced, learned and take with us some new knowledge wisdom and dedication to
Gaia and our communities.  Usually, a jam session breaks out after Kosmic Temple and during clean up.

The performer programs are all interactive, featuring prominent and very talented local and international musicians
producers, word artists and more. YOU are part of the performances, there is
no “audience”.  sing, dance, pray, connect.  We hope you experience the magic of 3SidedWhole both in
the sunshine, the sunrise and sunsets and the amazing night skies of the high desert.
sleep is optional, and jam sessions will occur around the bonfires at many different times.

The community kitchen is an inspired place to share food resources, cooking skills, and sharing
of stories and tales of your experiences. Please be generous and bring lots of great healthy food
to share.  Please bring your own blissware (plates, cups, and silverware) and cooking utensils,

and clean up after yourselves.

Admission is by suggested donation.  all donations go towards paying the yearly taxes on the
land, maintenance, and supplies for caretakers of the ranch.  Please offer to help at the
front gate, the kitchen, and offer assistance to anyone who needs it.  Please make sure you
have a map or guide to finding the site. ribbons will be on the dirt roads at the turns that are correct.
roads have changed, please do not go to the site on the fenceline road the old way.

Your safety is of great importance to us, please no open bottles. there are steep hills
and barbed wire fences, the occasional snake and scorpion, etc. so be alert and wear
good hiking shoes or boots.  Hydration is critical, it is recommended to drink 8 oz of water an
hour whether or not you are thirsty.  Please, no drugs, hard liquor, fireworks, guns, or disruptive
anger at the festival  Please keep your vehicles outside the gate and no driving at all inside
the site after dark.  All dogs must be service animals and on leashes and marked as to who is
the owner they serve. see the survival guide on No open fires please besides the
community set bonfires and fire sculptures/fire pits.

The land is an on an ancient petrified forest lakebed, 25 colors of rocks abound, with fossils
petrified wood etc.  please do not collect rocks from the site, but you can hike down’
the arroyos (take plenty of water) and find many treasures.

Please talk to strangers, make new friends, and become part of the 3SidedWhole Community
which has existed and celebrated here for over 15 years.