For spring Guardians of the High Desert Too

June 1,2, & 3rd 2018

at the 3SidedWhole site  Volunteers Needed

we need help with the sound gear, managing the preparation of the site some reconstruction,  and cleanup crews and more
click here for a full list
supplies always needed:

firewood for bonfire and fire pits
led lighting
first aid supplies
fire extinguishers
clean up supplies for kitchen
trash bags, etc etc.

Help continue 3SIDEDWHOLE to be the magic of Rio Puerco ranches dedicated to the preservation of the land, the community and healing of the participants through music, joy, drumming, and art.
15 years of magic experiences will continue with your help, support and involvement!!
Thanks, drblue
let us know how you want to help. email or barbara lemaire at

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Sacred Fire ceremonies 

Shamans that want to participate contact

Other volunteer offers, art work, links,  etc contact

Festival Lineup Wednesday, May 30th
Noon - Pre-Event Site Preparation
For Volunteers and Staff Only

Thursday, May 31,
4 pm Gates open 
5 pm  Meeting of the Shaman
6 pm Shamanic Training for advanced students and shaman 
Friday, June 1, 
  Noon - Community Pre-opening Opening Ceremony

6 pm Opening Ceremony at the Dome

7 pm Issac Barbosa
7:45 pm  Annie McCain
8:30 pm Mondo Vibrations
10 pm  Da Terra Meiga
11 pm   Seth Hoffman  - by the fire
Midnight  Buddhabomb

Saturday, June 2,
9 am Yoga with Joel Combs OR Aircrete Bricks with Michael Daugherty
10 am to 1 pm Shamanic Training at Shaman Camp
1 pm New natural healing herbs with Star Char Lema
2 pm Storytelling with Michelle Adams
3 pm Shamanic Painting with Wendy OR Finding Your Path with Gordon Rogowitz 

4 pm Peruvian Whistling Vessels with Don Wright
5 pm Yoga with Lorena


6:30 pm Michael Garfield 
7.30 pm Rhythm Punch
8 30 pm  Gunsafe 
10 pm  Dave Rellik
10:30 pm  Merican Slang
Midnight Adam Joel
1:30 am Mikey Fisher
3 am Justin George 
Dawn Miraja

Sunday, June 3,
11:00 am Kosmic Temple
Music, Stories, Community

Shamanic Workshops in the shamanic portal - Shaman will be interacting with us throughout the Festival

AumRak ceremony and ritual
Lionfire ancient skulls and aliens
Bear and Rainbow protection and guidance. 
Xoyote Shamanic Vision Quest and the Shamanic life path
DrBlue Optimal flow states and peak performance
Mary Lenord Self love and self-esteem
Buddhabomb and Violet History of electronic music:  
Michael Garfield Futurologist/artist/writer Special State of the Future Annual Address
Prectel & Rainbow Sacred Fire Shaman

Volunteer Opportunities
Kitchen:  Kerry Romero-head kitchen angel  Karl Marion--assistant
Gate:  Anasthasia Peralta Friday 12-5  We need more volunteers for gate 
Security: James West O' World,
drblue, Wally
Photographer: Bruce Hatten
Medic: Michael Williams
Poster: Ramona  Snow Teo
Electronic Media: Barbara Lemaire

Need List

Small Propane Canisters
Large and small batteries
food list: To be announced

NEW MAP will be ready soon - you must have a map to find 3SW.

We will be working on the entrance road down to 3SW we can use any help to fill the potholes and washed away sections. 

The weather for this event will be in the 90's during the day and 50's to 60's at night. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

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Please donate materials, time and money to keep this sacred place thriving