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Coyotes Den 

 A weekend with a diversity of talent

Da Terra Meiga: Northern Spain folk/rock
Thus Comes One: Maiden performance from new rock band
Keith Levine and Notes from the Underground Blues Band: Cream level blues
Chase Dabney Band: Alternative rock from the guitarist of the year in Kentucky
Gunsafe: Punk rock recently off west coast tour
Kenny Trezza and Chris Livingston: Psychosomatic Dance Jams

Solo Performers:
Issac Ananda Roots Reggae: Totally original songs co-director of 3SW
Lexy Pettis Original Neo-Folk with passion and life lessons

Belly Dancing: Sarah-  returning due to popular acclaim

Poetry:  Zach Kluckman national champion slam poet

Stand up Comedy: Patrick Montine from Aztec Co wow humor

Sacred Fire:  Ben Brown, fire dance teacher, Sam Ramey and Rain Bow Roa  fire dancers,

sacred firekeepers  Big Man Burn

drblue--master of ceremonies co-director of 3SW 8 shamans have blessed this land; we channel them
Xoyote Heyoka--drum totem ceremony former live-in caretaker of the land
Don Patricio- native medicine man has his own spiritual community and Radioshow
Michelle Adam--Peruvian Shamanic tradition award-winning author and presenter

Avery Runner: Colorado - World Famous Psytrance and Psychill DJ and founder of
Star Active Records
Silvermouse: Puerto Rico  Incredible contemporary grooves, masters of many instruments
NATURE: the Andramada Project--colorado The Monty Python of DJ acts, worldly infamous

Malahakam:  Rachael Feather sharing her shamanic tribal house music 

Master Drummers: 

Oberson, Miles and more channeling mysterious languages and beats

Michelle Adam: shamanic storytelling and healing
Xoyote: Vision quest desert wisdom tour
drblue: Autogenics: peak performance training for heallth, business and sports; Esalen Institute 12 years,
             see for his extensive research and presen
Don Wright: Puruvian Whistling Vessels: an ancient psychoacoustic instrument
Robert John Malone: master producer, musician, sound engineer and sound healer from NC

Friday night sound curfew: 2am

Saturday : 24 hrs of music and drumming

Sunday morning will be the traditional KOSMIC TEMPLE, a group gathering to integrate, expand
and recognize what we achieved and experienced this weekend, and plan for the future.

There may some extra slots for more presenters, but this is the group that will be on the Art Poster
Created by master graphic artist Ramona Snow Teo!  contact for any changes or additions asap.

Vendors: contact for arrangements.

Maps sent by request to or
you need a map, roads have changed!
please everyone read the survival guide at www.3SidedWhole

3SidedWhole:  there's the Inside, the Outside and the Other Side
and for some...the 4th side..... find out why this festival is legendary!

Passes available soon at via Paypal

Some vounteer positions still available.  contact or

The weather for this event will be in the 90's during the day and 50's to 60's at night. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Key Producers for COYOTES DEN: the Trickster Ball: a Fall Equinox Celebration
3rd Weekend in Sept, Sept 20, 21, 22  Fall Equinox Weekend

Co-Producers:  Xoyote Heyoka and DrBlue

Art Poster: Created by master graphic artist Ramona Snow Teo Divine Nature Arts
Publicity:  Barbara Lemaire from Social Media Made Simple
Sound:  Avery Runner
Power:  Issac Ananda
Kitchen: Mary Fuller
Security: James Westerworld
Lighting: Neon Todd master neon artist/Meow Wolf
Front Gate: Matt Leonard
Back Gate: Sidhartha
Side Gate: there is no side gate
Workshops: Jerry Woodle alchemist
Photography: Bruce Hatten--The Shutter Sniper--long time 3SW Master Photographer

Performance Schedule for Coyote's Den: the Trickster Ball

​Thursday Sept 19:  site open in afternoon for set up, cleanup, gate construction.

                          8 pm Drum Circle, bonfire area

Friday Sept 20:  Gate opens 3pm for camping set up, kitchen preparations, stage and bands set up

                         6 pm Opening Ceremony with DrBlue, Issac, Xoyote,                               and other shaman. dancers, laughter yoga, and                                       intention setting for festival in Dome

                         6:30 pm Poetry with Zachery Kluckman at Yurt Stage

                         7 pm Issac Ananda Barbosa with Yanna singer                                            songwriter in Dome

                          8 pm   Lexy Pettis  singer-songwriter in Dome

                          9 pm  Gunsafe  Stella Martinez and band Punk Rock in                              Dome                             

                          10 pm  Kenny Trazza  and band in Dome

                          11 pm  Chase Dabney Band, alternative rock in Dome

                           Midnight  DJ BUDDHABOMB in Dome

                          Drum Circle at Bonfire with Oberon, Miles and more

            Sacred Fire; all weekend, please respect the fire and the

            firekeepers Rainbow Roa and Sam

Saturday September 20

Workshops: Skyplex - Starts at 9 am

                10 am  drblue:  A Party For Your Soul with Autogenic Training

                11:30 pm  Don Patricio: The Sacred Medicine Way

                1 pm Mark Godwin: Spiritual Pathways

                2 pm Michelle Adams: Shamanic Storytelling

                3 pm  Xoyote: Desert Treasure Walk and Visionquests

                4 pm: Mondo: Sound Tuning at Mondovan near skyplex

 EDM, Dome, 2 pm-6 pm Avery Runner, maestro

                   6 pm Opening Ceremony for Sat: dome, DrBlue, and the shaman

                   7 pm Thus Come One, Mark Godwin and band -new rock

                   8  pm Notes from the Underground Keith Levine and his blues                               band

                   10 pm Da Terra Meiga:  Ruben and his  Northern Spain Folk                                           Rock 

                   11 pm Stand-Up Comedy with Patrick Montine, yurt stage

                   11:30 pm   Burning of the Big Man - weather permitting

      Ben Brown and fire dancers

                        Midnight: EDM program, by maestro Avery Runner

                                         Silvermouse from Puerto Rico

                                         Mahahkam tribal shamanic house from Crestone Co

                                         Avery Runner: Chill Out psychedelic

                                         Daniel Charles Donovan II from Crestone Co

                                        Drum Circle- bonfire area, continuous

Sunday Sept 21

                     9 am  Yoga, Dome

                     10 am Sound Healing with Robert John Malone from Amsterdam                         and NM

                     11 am KOSMIC TEMPLE group gathering with DrBlue, the                                          shaman, and everyone

                     Noonish: pancake breakfast, community kitchen, kitchen music                              jam

                      2 pm cleanup, jams workshops, in Skyplex, sat morning:

This schedule is subject to change   contact with any questions or information

Remember : this is a co creative event - if you have other offerings you want to add to the festivities, please let drblue, Sebastian or Issac know so we can find a place and announce them for you!!!

Passes available NOW at  note special rates for couples and families

Some volunteer slots still available by PREARRANGEMENT, contact


Pack it in pack it out!  Please, no hard drugs, open bottles, guns, fireworks or pets off leashes

Children MUST be supervised and are welcome

Prepare for Too Much Fun!