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$30 per person
Children under 12 Free

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It's a Knew World Now
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site, pay taxes and gather the items needed to hold a Festival

The weather for this event will be in the 90's during the day and 50's to 60's at night. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

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It's a Knew World Now 2018

Faculty includes Special guest: 
Skull shaman, Lionfire Del Norte and Mary Leonard from Cortez, Xoyote
Technoshaman DrBlue from New Mexico
Star Char Lema from Crestone Co, 

The second year of our well-received Tribal Shamanic Training Program
continues our Shamanic community’s sharing of their skills and modeling
patterns of shamanic living.  

The training will be interwoven into the whole Festival
Everyone who is attending the Festival will also take part in the training.

Musical Program 

Thursday, September 13,
3 pm  pre-event gathering for shaman, camp set up, and kitchen
7 pm pre-event Shaman ceremony 

Friday, September 14, 
Noon -  Gates Open to set up campsites & site prep
5 pm: Shaman gathering at Lionfire shaman camp
6 pm:  Opening Shamanic ceremonies LionFire, Dr. Blue, Mary, Xoyote 

8 pm  Gunsafe - featuring Stella Martinez
9 pm Sanji - African Tunes with Oberon, Miles
,and Mith
10 pm  DJ Avery Runner
11:30 pm Issac by the Fire
Midnight  DJ Mikey fisher
1:00 DJ Sir+

Saturday, September 15,
All day starting at 11 am:  Shamanic training and practice, Lionfire shaman camp
10 am Shamanic Retreat Center and  Shamanic Medicine
      with Shannon and Lori
Noon Michael Castro:  A New Model for American Cities
1 pm Shamanic retreat center communities with Shannon and Lori
3 pm Shamanic Vision questing with Xoyote
4:30 pm Michael Garfield  Future Fossils, time 
and yourknew selves


6 pm Opening ceremony with Lionfire and shaman
7 pm  Issac Ananda Barbosa
8 pm Lexy Pettis
9 pm  Notes from the Underground Blues Band
Midnight  DJ Hypnotic Starr

Sunday, September 16

9 am Yoga in the Skyplex 

11:00 am Kosmic Temple
Music. Stories. Community.A gathering of everyone at the festival to explore what we experienced during the shamanic teachings, the music, the community, and how to take new knowledge with us in the future! This non-denominational event usually inspires chanting, drumming, soul searching, ecstatic recollections, commitments to the future and more. some say its the best part of the weekend, usually followed by a pancake community breakfast!!!!! the Shaman will shamanize, and the vibe is always incredible!! 

Shamanic Workshops in the shamanic portal - Shaman will be interacting with us throughout the Festival

Lionfire ancient skulls and aliens
Xoyote Shamanic Vision Quest and the Shamanic life path
DrBlue Optimal flow states and peak performance
Mary Lenord Self love and self-esteem
Michael Garfield Futurologist/artist/writer Special State of the Future Annual Address

Volunteer Opportunities

Uval roaming
Shannon and Lori
Michael Castro
Jim West
Jeremiah Santiago
Monique Chavez-front gate Fri
Dennis, Josh, Maiah-front gate Sat
John Boltz -
Dave Rellik-sound
Poster: Barbara Lemarie (background artwork a detail from Polar Cap Stacks by Michael Garfield)
Electronic Media:  Barbara Lemaire

DJS: all DJs will need their own "back line controller", to make their set happen!!!!!

Shaman who want to participate contact 
Other volunteer offers -artwork, links, etc contact

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Advance Purchase Pricing

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$25 per person 
$40 per couple

It's a Knew World Now

September 14, 15, & 16 2018

at the 3SidedWhole site  Volunteers Needed

we need help with the sound gear, managing the preparation of the site some reconstruction,  and cleanup crews and more
click here for a full list
supplies always needed:

firewood for bonfire and fire pits
led lighting
first aid supplies
fire extinguishers
clean up supplies for kitchen
trash bags, etc etc.

Help continue 3SIDEDWHOLE to be the magic of Rio Puerco ranches dedicated to the preservation of the land, the community and healing of the participants through music, joy, drumming, and art.
15 years of magic experiences will continue with your help, support and involvement!!
Thanks, drblue
let us know how you want to help. email or barbara lemaire at

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