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Artwork by RevLereve Tsolwizar

Posters created by Ramona Snow Teo

Poster by Barbara C. Lemaire

Ramona Snow Teo

Ramona Snow Teo, New Mexican visionary artist and designer has been driven to express her creativity since childhood. Her recent sketches, murals and acrylic paintings have focused on the fascinating properties of “Sacred Geometry.” Geometric form is the language of our material reality. Beauty arises from the naturally occurring geometries within us and all around us. A perfect example can be seen in the sunflower, a core theme in Ramona’s artwork.

Her most recent series is called “60 Days 60 Mandalas” and was a personal challenge to create a new mandala, a circular design composed of radial symmetry, every day for 60 days using any and all mediums.

Ramona has her Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematic Arts from the University of New Mexico.

Currently, Ramona works and designs graphics at her family’s t-shirt shop, Guerrilla Graphix, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.