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Issa Noor

Yesterday I learned of the passing of a great friend.

Ron Lawrence was an inspiration, a mentor, and a guide to all whom he encountered, and who lived a life of so many grand adventures, all of which he would share through his many quips, prose, one-liners, stories, and anecdotes that he could relate to any situation.

Many years ago, we shared a near-death experience together - of which we were both extremely fortunate to walk away from with very minor injuries. Before the accident, he was sharing with me his ideas about truth. I don't remember all of his wording, but I will paraphrase as best I can: "You see the truth, Issa. More than the others you surround yourself with. Truth on this plane of existence is a tricky thing. It requires balance. Too much, and it is harsh and unbearable. Too little, and you become untethered from your path. You need to find a balance between truth and the colors you wish to paint over the extremely ugly parts that are difficult to look at. While you wish to dive deeper into your own truth and the truth of the world, be careful not to leave your paintbrush at home. The capacity for the whole truth and the ability to bear it grows as you age and the more you see. But you will always need your paintbrush. Everyone needs their paintbrush. Anyone who claims not to need one or to never use one is untethered from their own existence and cannot help you on your path."

It wasn't long after this that we slid off the slick icy road and flipped three times in his truck. After climbing out of the wrecked vehicle and assessing ourselves, we stood in the middle of the snow-covered median outside of Pecos, unsure of what was to come next for us. But his interest in sharing his wisdom with me was still his primary concern. He took this moment to reinforce it. "Remember. Don't forget your paintbrush."

Thanks for the reminder. I need to dig it out and start using it again.


Michael Garfield

One of the most inspiring, generous, and mischievous friends I have ever had just passed away – Ron Lawrence will forever be a model for me of how to grow wise, not merely old – and how to give your life and love to everyone around you.

He was a master storyteller and a master silver flutist, a psychedelic raconteur, a veteran of Vietnam and the Katrina clean-up, the patron saint of my community-away-from-home in Albuquerque, and mentor to a lot of young 
folk who inarguably benefited from his gentle but incisive guidance. He had one of the most amazing and nonlinear lives I've ever heard of, and his intersection with my own life changed me and my music permanently, and for the better.

If it is true that no one really dies until they are forgotten, then it will be quite a while beforeRon Lawrence leaves us. Cheers to you, my friend.  

Ron Lawrence - elder of 3SW

Ron Lawrence passed away June 3, 2018

His wife Meg has requested that anyone who cares to so to please write a short story, poem, words in any form of an encounter they had with Ron that was meaningful to them.

I'm hoping 
to fulfill Ron's wish to film him giving his "God Rap".  I plan to make a compilation of the stories that would be sent to all - along with a DVD of the film.  Time may well be short, so please email your stories to me at  so that I can share them with him while he is still with us.

With great gratitude to all who choose to send a story!

All Love to the community from Ron and me,

Meg Millard

Ron Lawrence and Starr Light

Ron was an inspiration to so many people.  Somehow he was able to learn from the obstacles of his past and miraculously transform them into actions that help others. It was a kind of alchemy as if turning rust into gold. For this reason, DrBlue and I have dedicated Fledgling Angel, the new metal sculpture, to Ron.  May we all learn to apply this kind of alchemy
. Aho! Many blessings to all fledgling angels of the whole! SeaBass

Seabass has dedicated Fledgling Angel to the spirit of Ron Lawrence  

Remembering Ron Lawrence

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