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Totems by Lisa de St. Croix

Many years ago a visiting Shaman did a shamanic journey for me and saw me painting totems. I was intrigued by the idea and in a conversation about it with Dr. Rick I  heard about 3sidedwhole and how in fact there were three totems waiting to be painted. Synchronicity is my guide in life, so I found myself that summer in the desert painting totems! I wanted them to represent many cultures, beliefs and healing symbols. It was a challenge to get up high to paint them, but thanks to people holding a ladder I managed about two -thirds . I loved being up there looking over the mesa for miles, surrounded by magical people making music and art. The first year I completed the outline, I returned a couple more summers and filled in colors. Now, the paint has faded but it fits in with the bleached desert, bearing the testimony of  time, wind, rain and dust storms.