Tribal Shamanic Training Program -

Modern Shamanism

Introductory  & Advanced 
June 1-3rd
SCIENCE    ~     MAGIC     ~    CEREMONY


Shamanic Training Program 2017 3SidedWhole

A new component of the Fall Festival this year is the
course in shamanic skills, practice, and realties

The program will convene three hours Thursday evening
Friday, Saturday and conclude on Sunday.

Led by Lionfire del Norte, and Drblue, the training
is a mix of anthropology, science, magic, ceremony
and perspective. Mary Leonard, Xoyote, Barbara Lemaire and other participants will also share their skills and perspectives.

Shamans from seven different cultures have blessed
3sidedwhole with ceremonies, blessings and healings.
As we remember their energies, combined with the
innate shamanic vibrations of the land itself, we will
experience altered states which open us to the calls
of the Universe.

By presenting shamanism as a series of skills that are learnable target consciousness states, and objectives trainees willl have the opportunity to integrate their current understandings into a broader framework of world class shamanic talent.

A visionquest experience will be offered to all who choose to
accept it, and opportunities for practicing shamanic skills during the festival will be available.
Bring a drum, a rattle, some ceremonial dress (your choice)and a  a mat to lay down on and or portable chair.

Cost of the training is an additional 33 above festival entry payable in advance or at the festival.  Some work/study positions may be available, contact Dr Blue or Lionfire del Norte on Faceboook.