September 11th -15th

Join us on the Interdimensional Portal that is the Shamanic Community of 3SidedWhole. This place has been Timelessly honored by the Pueblo as a Sacred Hunting Ground and a Bridge of Indigenous Wisdom. We've Heard te Prayer this Land has asked to be Rededicated for Sacred Purposes. So we answer the Call in this week long Deep Dive into what it really takes to become an Authentic Tribe. Through our Village Building curriculum we cultivate a deep resonance based in Ceremony, Collaboration, Empowerment, Action and Love within our collective- thus creating a Lifelong Tribal Network.

More Details TBA - For Now, 
All Delicious Home Cooked Meals willbe in cluded in this experience... ♥ 

-We will be Guided by Indigenous Elders local to the area in Ceremony
-Educated by highly skilled Permaculturists in building Beautiful Educational Infrastructure that can Remain to Serve the Land and enhance our Skillsets
-Dive Deep into Visionary and Solutionary Themed Council to extract the collective Wisdom and its Application
-Learn Group Dynamic Building Exercises through our Social Artistry Lessons
-Participate in the Future Village Design, finding your Role within this and many other Lands that are coming into View ready to Activate an Alternative Way of Life
-Freely Exchange Networks, Resources, Projects and find the overlap of Collaboration (Mastermind)
- Become trrained in New Earth leadership skills, how to organize and host immersions and community building events� 
-Ground All the magick with Solid Action Items for your Personal Life and your Tribe as a whole
-Work with Powerful Healers to Reach Deeper into your own Personal Empowerment and holistic healing.

It is Time to Find Your Belonging in this Purposed Based Movement to Build and Activate the New Earth 

We Are Realizing the emergent sustainable dream of becoming a hub for visionary culture to plant its roots. You are now becoming one of the pioneers and wayshowers of an unfolding collective vision in which infrastructure and synergy can continue on after the festival. Those that feel the call to remain and collaborate within these unfolding communities will work together to build and imagine a functional design for what the ongoing community on this land can accomplish. 

Our Vision rests in creating a network of Villages, beginning with U.S.soil and extending to tribes internationally.

We envision this New Earth built by the people and their skills, one small step at a time. This kind of development will stem from inter dependent human interaction with an emphasis on alternative and communal lifestyle options bringing forth new forms of economy, sovereign governance and regenerative resource distribution.hese forms of highly intentional containers, based in shared purpose, is where authentic tribes are birthed