SidedWhole Fall Event 
Greetings all. I will be making magic in the community kitchen at the event this year, but I will need your help to do


The menu will adjust to what we have

Bring Coffee and creamer

Sunday Morning Pancake and Waffle breakfast:

We need

Wanna make sure that we have plenty for the pancake breakfast on Sunday for the Equinox Celebration? Contributions of:
Unbleached White Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
Flax Meal
Eggs (hopefully local, home raised)
Milks (oat, flax, almond, soy, cashew, etc.) in aseptic
Olive oil or coconut oil or butter (grass fed)
All and any contributions will be appreciated and make for quite a feast.
Vegan and Vegetarian!!!
Banana, Apple and Peach breads will be available too. All Vegan. Yuuuummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  • As always finger foods, side dishes, snacks, salads and drinks are always welcome as well as sandwich makings for lunch. 
  • There will be both carnivore and vegetarian dishes available, but if you have specific needs such as vegan or gluten free, please bring those options with you.
  • Volunteer shifts are also available to help out with food prep, cleaning and such. 
  • Please bring you own plates, bowls or utensils pots and pans. Be sure to bring your own blisswear = plates cups, and silverware.
  • You will be responsible for your own dishes, please wash them and take them with you when you are done eating.
  • As most of you know, the kitchen out there is extremely rustic. Washing dishes is a small chore, but if everyone leaves their dishes in the sink, they can get out of control quickly, leaving us unable to our jobs safely and cleanly. 
  • The meals there are an ever changing thing, and whatever you can bring will be turned into magic by someone along the way. Also, the kitchen generates a lot of trash that we are all responsible for helping to take out, so please grab a bag to take with you when you stop by the kitchen to say your farewells. Here is a list of items we could use your help with:
  • Small green propane canisters
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Sugar
  • Coffee - ground  (not instant)
  • Coffee Creamer
  • Fruit toppings
  • Syrup
  • Tomato sauce
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Breads 
  • Lunch meat
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Vegenaise 
  • Potatoes
  • Butter
  • LOTS of water
  • Beverages
  • Pickles
  • Paper Towels
  • If you want it on your pancakes, bring it.
  • Seventh Generation dish soap
  • Side dishes
  • Salads
  • Snacks
  • Cookies
  • Birthday Cakes
    Anything else that you would love to share!


Volunteer Positions at 3SidedWhole for our Fall Event September 20,21,22 2019

Our entire event is run and staffed by volunteers and the 3SidedWhole community, which has extensive Burning Man and 
other experience as well as producing over 50 festivals on our sacred land. The land is in a land trust for the community, and will never be built on commercially to preserve the
High Desert ecology and energies. The musicians, performers, and caretakers are all non-paid volunteers, and we rely on pre-event donations and gate donations to fund the event expenses and pay 
the yearly taxes and maintenance on the land. Every year the harsh winter conditions in the desert make much cleanup and renewal necessary to continue hosting events!

THIS EVENT has filled the ten 
full-time volunteer slots that earn full passes.  All who have been confirmed as full-time volunteers are requested to serve at least ten hours doing shifts at the gate, in the kitchen, and on clean up crews.  You will be given a special wristbandidentifying you as a volunteer and indicated you can be asked to help at any time during the festival when more assistance is needed in those areas, moving gear around, etc.  We are asking that full-time volunteers come to the ranch THURSDAY NIGHT for a 5 pm meeting and help set up the site then and Friday during the day.  if you can't come then, we expect you to stay AFTER the event to help clean up and put the ranch back to pristine conditions.

Many attendees feel so blessed by the energies at the site that they want to contribute to 3SidedWhole with donations even if they have purchased a ticket or are 
full-time volunteer.  We cannot guarantee expenses of any presenters but will seek to make gas money contributions to those traveling here from out of state as we can.  Please consider giving a generous donation onPayPal on our website or at the gate even if you are on the volunteer or presenter list.

If you are have been granted full volunteer status please confirm your intention to follow through on the above conditions with 
an e-mail to 

asap, and before next Monday to hold your slot.

MAPS are now available by mail.  please request them from or (Barbara).   please DO NOT POST the map online, as we restrict access to motivated and confirmed guests you may share it with family or friends who seriously plan on attending the event.  do not try to find us
without a map, every year a few people get lost and wander all weekend in the desert.....the map was recently
updated because the roads have changed, so get one even if you have been here before!

A list of needed resources is on our page, please help us 
co-create this event by bringing food, water, tools, led lights, solar lights, lasers,  and energies to share!!!!!!
an updated list will be posted soon as we get it from Kitchen Fairy Kerry Romero!!
feel free to contact me at 505 321 5530 to discuss any of the above, or Barbara at 350 3323...

We are getting excited!  Shaman and guests are arriving in Albuquerque from all over the globe starting on Sunday!  Be inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and help make this event 
colorful, creative, and shamanic!!!!!!

The weather for this event will be in the 90's during the day and 50's to 60's at night. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

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Volunteers NEEDED
Donation collector at Entrance for Saturday am & pm
Kitchen Goddess helpers
Clean Up Crew - no scrap left behind
Birthday Celebration Coordinator
Lighting Maintainer
Outhouse Janitorial Staff

Parking Czar

Here is the list of activities we need help with for June 1,2,3. We are doing this as a CO CREATIVE Event ala Burning Man, etc, which means it is up to ALL OF US to cover the necessary arrangements and activities to make the event super fun and spectacular!!!!

Surprise us with your input and help, but let us know what you have planned, please!!

Areas Support is Needed

WOOD - for fires and Big Man burn of cut wood - we have a good bit but we can always use more!

- we need some vibe patrol folks, walkie-talkies, and duct tape.

WATER - everyone should bring at least one gallon of drinking for each day - please bring XTRA water to share

FOOD - for yourself  as well as food to share

FIRST AID - if you are a trained nurse, doc, paramedic, etc please let us know if you can be available if any need. Usually, there is no need, but last time we had a doc on call they fell into a cactus and the 2nd doc had to take all their needles out....first aid supplies useful.

GREETERS - we need folks to welcome other folks and give newbie’s info on the site and the culture. We have history.

KITCHEN - we need help managing the community kitchen; clean up in the kitchen, occasional large dish preparation of donated food

BIRTHDAY-  celebration and shamanic ceremonies--we do these events in sacred space, bring your shamanic regalia, rattles, higher powers because it’s all about intentions and connection with each other and the universe and the land... through the music, and dance and healing work

HEALERS - Do you want to offer a workshop to our community Saturday afternoon.

LIGHTING - bring your LED lighting, rope lights and other illuminations. No fireworks please.

No other generators are allowed at camping sites

SANITATION we need TP, hand cleaners, and help fixing up the outhouses for the event. Wind destroyed the doors over the winter.


Please REQUEST a map, the roads have changed. 25 mph speed limit on dirt roads, keep moving.

Unsupervised children will be returned with a free puppy and having been fed candy and espresso 
PLEASE NO DOGS or pets unless they are service animals.

These restrictions will be strictly enforced.

3SidedWhole is a beautiful sacred site PHOTOS, VIDEOS, etc. are appreciated. Please send us your visions for later posting on the website and social media sites.

No vending unless approved by staff please. Gift economy preferred.

Weather is always unpredictable; bring warm clothes, tent good shoes and boots, umbrella, hats, sunscreen, vitamins, etc etc.

Get ready to have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!! We’ve been doing this for 15 years, so we got it down.  With your help and participation fun will be had by all!

Contact or 350 3323 if you have any questions or donations.

Donate via PayPal on our web site.

Thanks for your generosity and participation - you create this event.

Thank you to all the musicians and artists and healers and tech people who are creating this event and donating their time!!!